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Heritage Community Bank Mortgage

If you are a homebuyer looking to buy a home, a current homeowner looking to refinance, or a real estate agent or a builder looking to help your clients, HCB Mortgage can help.
Before shopping for a mortgage there are several factors to consider. The process seems simple enough, and it can be when partnering with the right company and person. But there is more to it than Just comparing rates and choosing the lowest. You need access to your information, at any time. You need to speak to someone knowledgeable who will do more than just answer the questions you know to ask.

That’s where HCB Mortgage is different.
• Apply for a loan – straight from your phone.
• Check loan status any time of day or night
• Get notices and info via text or push notices
• Know exactly what your loan needs to move forward, when its needed.
• Get the best loan for you with a step-by-step comparison

You will know exactly what costs are involved and our locks are quoted on 30, 45, 60 and even 90 days. Plenty of time to get your mortgage closed.

Fixed Rate Mortgage - For Stability within Unstable Economic Times
Save on your mortgage by transferring into our Fixed Rate Mortgage from your current Adjustable Rate Mortgage
Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, Jumbo products available
No Hassle Refi
Free Consultation to see what best fits your current needs

Whether this is your first home loan transaction or your tenth, we will make this process fast and easy.

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