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Savings Accounts

  • Savings accounts require no minimum balance to open
  • Interest compounds daily and is paid quarterly (Rate based upon balance. See Current Rates for more info)
  • Transaction limits apply

Want to go on that special vacation? Do you want to put a down payment for a car or a house? Well, for most of us, we don’t have access to a growing money tree. Typically, in order to get the income to purchase the things we want, we will have to save up our money over time. Savings accounts can be an advantageous part of banking for two reasons. For one, saving accounts allow you to have a designated place to keep your saved earnings. Because your savings account isn’t connected to items like your debit card, you are less likely to spend this money.

Bright $aver$ Club

This club is for children Birth to 13 years old

This savers club is useful for children between the ages of newborn to 13 years old. This account works on a reward system that uses a punch card to manage deposits. This is an excellent way to teach your children the benefits of saving and depositing money into their bank account. In order to open this account you need a minimum of $25. Once the initial amount is installed, for every $10 or more deposited, you receive one punch. After 10 punches to your card, your child will receive a prize. In order to receive punches, you must have your punch card with you when you come to the bank. Punches will not be given to previous deposits.

Current Rates

Demand deposit and savings accounts with no activity by the customer for 365 days will be moved to a dormant status. When dormant accounts have a minimum balance of $200.00 or less, a fee of $5.00 will be charged each statement cycle.